All About Netball in Singapore

Netball, a sport deeply ingrained in Singapore's history and culture, has been a source of pride and achievement for the nation. As we journey through the dynamic world of Singaporean netball, we'll explore its history, the governing body behind its success, its current status, notable achievements, and how you can get involved in this thrilling game.

History of Netball in Singapore

Netball made its entrance into Singapore during the early 1900s, courtesy of British colonial settlers. Its rapid rise in popularity led to the formation of Singapore's first national netball team in 1951. Since then, the nation has proudly represented itself in various international netball tournaments, including the prestigious Netball World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.

The Governing Body

Netball Singapore stands as the bedrock of netball in the Lion City, tasked with overseeing the sport's development and promotion at all levels. It plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of netball from grassroots to elite. Furthermore, Netball Singapore is an esteemed member of the International Netball Federation (INF), highlighting Singapore's commitment to the global netball community.

Netball in Singapore Today

In contemporary Singapore, netball reigns as one of the most beloved sports, cherished by women of all ages and skill levels. It has found a particularly fervent following in educational institutions, with schools and universities boasting a robust netball culture. Moreover, there is no shortage of opportunities for adults to engage in netball, as the nation boasts an array of clubs and leagues.

Netball Singapore has implemented several initiatives to invigorate and nourish the sport. These initiatives include:

  • Netball Academies: Netball Singapore operates a network of netball academies across the nation, providing high-quality training and coaching for aspiring young players.
  • Netball Competitions: Throughout the year, Netball Singapore hosts various competitions, such as the Netball Super League, the National Netball Championships, and the Schools Netball Championships.
  • Netball Clinics and Workshops: Regular netball clinics and workshops are conducted by Netball Singapore, catering to players, coaches, and umpires.

Netball Successes

Singapore has a rich history of netball triumphs, including:

  • A bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
  • A silver medal at the 2014 Asian Netball Championships.
  • A gold medal at the 2016 Southeast Asian Games.
  • A silver medal at the 2023 Mirxes Nations Cup.

These accomplishments underscore Singapore's enduring commitment to excellence in netball.

How to Get Involved in Netball in Singapore

For those inspired to dive into the world of netball in Singapore, there are several avenues to explore:

  • Join a Netball Club or League: Singapore offers a plethora of netball clubs and leagues, catering to players of all ages and skill levels. To find the right fit for you, visit the Netball Singapore website for a comprehensive list.
  • Contact Your Local ActiveSG Center: ActiveSG centers extend a warm invitation to netball enthusiasts of all ages. They host various netball programs and activities. Explore the offerings at your nearest ActiveSG center by referring to the ActiveSG website.
  • Attend a Netball Clinic or Workshop: To further enhance your netball skills, consider attending clinics and workshops organized by Netball Singapore. These events are tailored for players, coaches, and umpires. Keep an eye on the Netball Singapore website for details on upcoming clinics and workshops.


Netball is flourishing in Singapore, a testament to its historical roots and ongoing dedication to excellence. Regardless of your age or skill level, the opportunity to embrace this exhilarating sport is within reach. To delve deeper into the world of netball in Singapore and explore your own journey in this captivating sport, visit the Netball Singapore website. Your netball adventure awaits!

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